sep-iconMidbrain Activation Workshop for Adults

Do you wish to have the following?

  • More focused
  • Better memory
  • Heighten your intuition
  • More motivated
  • Procrastinate less
  • Calmer and better anger management
  • Better sleep
  • Happier

Do you want to have fun and be child-like again for two days and gain one or more of the above benefits?

The Midbrain Activation Workshop for Adults was adapted based on the experience we gained from conducting the children workshops of close to a hundred workshops and thousands of children.

Coupled with our proprietary proven sound-technology, with fun-filled activities and games catered for adults and parents, we promise you an enjoyable workshop with a unique experience you have never encountered before.

Our Secrets of Success, originally catered to invoke behaviour and attitude changes in children, has been modified for adults, and has received very positive feedback that it created an impact in their life as well.

Although not many adults exhibit the ability of blindfold reading like the young children do, there are indeed tangible benefits as registered by almost all of our adult workshop participants in the past. The feedback is very consistent.

What did some of our past participants say?

"After the workshop, I have better memory & concentration, clearer mind, more guts, very alert."

Kenny Koh, Business Owner based in Shen Zhen

"My memory has improved, and I can sense my mother coming to visit us 5 minutes before she arrived. It’s unbelievable."

-Michelle Mah, Homemaker

"I feel calmer and more motivated to do things which I have procrastinated for a long time"

-Pauline, Lawyer

"I felt changes on my behaviour like willing to do house chores without complaints, temper under control, and more patience to communicate and coach my daughter homework"

-Veron Lau, Purchaser

"My memory has improved and I am more focused, although I still cannot read blindfolded."

-Stelle Lim, HR Consultant

"The workshop helps me with much higher tolerance and better anger management. I also had the benefit of heightened intuition. For example, circumstance and instances in my day to day interaction with clients are more precise. My accuracy in reading my client’s’ intentions are almost spot on each time."

-Stanley Bay, Business Owner

"I enjoyed the workshop, I can be child-like again, and something I have not been for years."

-Jing Ling, Business Owner

So come join us for two days of fun-filled activities, discover the child in you, and enjoy the benefits that come along with it!

Curriculum outline:

  • Fun-filled activities and games to frame you for the sound (re-live your childhood days!)
  • Our revolutionary Sound (to activate your mid brain)
  • Keys to Success (brings out your potential)
  • Stretching exercises (to help strengthen our muscles and health)
  • Visualisations (this supplements the sound and help sharpen your mind)

Duration of the workshop: 2 full days + 2 booster sessions Further inquires …….

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