Son Lim Kuan Rong

(from bad tempered to totally changed boy!)

The GMA workshop was a life changing moment for my son, Kuan Rong! He was a big worry for me.

Recently, he failed all his school subjects for CA1. My wife and I have to meet his form teacher to see what we can do. The form teacher told us that if this year he continues to do badly, his future education journey will be very difficult. I sensed the seriousness of his teacher’s remarks.

We really did not know what to do for him. Kuan Rong was also very bad tempered, and was totally not interested in his studies. We were at our wits end. Just as we were at a hopeless moments, miracle struck. By chance, we were introduced by a friend to GMA. We decided to try our luck and immediately enrolled my son. We did not have high expectation for this workshop, but we were so-so wrong!

After the 2-day workshop, my son has change totally into another person. He is just so wonderful. He can do what the other students cannot do. He is so gifted and it seems that the GMA workshop has transformed him and has unleashed Kuan Rong’s inner power and inner hidden potential which so far nobody has discovered.

Kuan Rong can now score full marks in his English and Chinese spelling. He is now a very lovely child, his smile is so sweet, so confident, and so charming.

I am so proud to be his father. It is a miracle.

Thank you so much GMA.

Jason Lim Chye Teng Father of Lim Kuan Rong

Angelina Oon Bautista, 7,

( Mandarin spelling improved from a 10%-30% score to 56% - 86%)

During the parent teacher conference Term 1 and 2, Angelina’s class teacher had mentioned that although Angelina is bright child, she is lacking behind in her reading and mathematics due to her playfulness, lack of concentration and focus. In Term 2, Angelina’s Primary 1 Mandarin teacher had forewarned me to do something to help Angelina improve her Mandarin language skills by Term 3. otherwise, she would be left behind. Out of desperation, I had enrolled Angelina to the Genius Mind Academy mid-brain activation workshop, two days before her Term 3 start. Within a couple of weeks, Angelina’s Mandarin spelling had improved from a 10%-30% score to 56% - 86%. It would not have been possible for Angelina to achieve this tremendous result without GMA help. During her Term 3 school open house event, I approached Angelina’s class teacher to enquire about Angelina’s behavior. To my surprise, she mentioned she had noticed a significant change in Angelina’s overall performance.

According to her, she used to make Angelina sit beside her to complete her exercises, but now she can rely on Angelina to complete her work unsupervised and not only came back timely but also much neater.

In addition, we also observed her improvements in the following areas:

  • Her handwriting has became much neater, she used to rub every letter until exercise book tore
  • She is emotionally more stable and patient , last time she used to cry a lot when she did not get her way.
  • She is more caring and compassionate, she used to fight with her 4.5yrs old little brother Michael Angelo a lot
Thank you GMA for helping unleash Angelina’s full potential.

Agnes Oon Bautista Mother of Angelina Oon Bautista

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