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Left Brain is believed to operate at Beta wave frequency (14- 30 hertz cycles per second). This is the brain we are most familiar with, having developed this brain in traditional academic settings.

Right Brain, the image brain, is believed to work at Alpha wave frequency (8 to 13 hertz cycles per second). It is associated with a creativity, images, music and also relaxed alert state of mind such as in meditation.

The Mid Brain, is believed to ‘act’ as a bridge between our Left and Right Brain. Having an active Mid Brain, we believe, will ‘widen’ the channel of communication between the left and right brain resulting in a more balanced use of ‘Whole Brian’.

sep-iconHow Do You “Awake” The Mid Brain?

Children at birth and up to the age of about 6 years old, the mid brain is active. Beyond the age of 6, the mid brain development slows down and gradually become less active.

So, how can you awaken the mid brain again?

One of the most effective ways to activate the mid brain is to use sound waves.

In our 2 days Super Sensory Development Workshop, we let your kids have lots of fun! Yes! Tons and tons of fun.

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Through play and fun, your kids’ brain will be more relaxed, and feel more secured with the environment they are in. Under this excellence state, they response better to our proprietary sound wave.

Each child will have their very own special high-quality headsets, where we will play a special set of sound waves to help with the activation of the middle brain.

This sound wave is proprietary, and has been administered to more than 100,000 students over the past 8 years across the region including Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand, etc.

Since starting in 2010, we have more than 3000 students, up to end 2014, who have already graduated from our academy, with a consistent success rate of over 90%.

This sound wave cannot be bought, downloaded or even seen in other programs in Singapore.

GMA is the only authorized company to do that in Singapore.

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