Yao Shih Lien

(Co-Founders/Trainer, Genius Mind Academy Pte Ltd)
I was like you, a parents to 2 kids. At one point, my daughter was facing some issues in her school work.

Just like almost all “KIASU Parents” in Singapore, I would like my children be excellent in their childhood development & education.

With that, one of my friend introduced me to this workshop.

Of course, after seeing the wonderful results of what this mid brain activation can do to my kids, I decided to bring in this program to benefit parents like yourself, and thousands of others.

Jeanni Soh

(Master Trainer, Genius Mind Academy Pte Ltd)
With 14 years experience in the field of education, Jeanni Soh began her career as a part-time, pre-school educator and rose through the ranks to become a Principal of a chain of kindergartens and a childcare centre.

As a mother of two, Jeanni saw the result in one of her children who attended the Midbrain workshop. Impressed by her son’s progress, she felt empowered to join Genius Mind Academy and even encouraged other parents to enroll their children into the workshop.

Jeanni Soh holds a Degree in Childhood and Family Education. She also has a Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching and a Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership. She possessed a Certificate in Effective Administration and Management of Integrated Childcare Programme (MICP) from Rainbow Centre and a DAS Certificate in Identification of Pre-School Children with Literacy Delay.

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